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The Chunuk Bair Turkish Memorial

After learning of the enemy landing at Ariburnu on the 25th April 1915, Staff Officer Lt.-Colonel Mustafa Kemal (Atatürk), Commander of the 19th Infantry Division, on his own initiative dispatched the 57th Regiment to this sector.  At this time, a small number of soldiers, whose ammunition was finished, were guarding the shore.  They made a bayonet charge and gained enough time to successfully prevent the enemy reaching Chunuk Bair.

Transcribed & translated from panel nr 1 of the “Soldiers Memorial"

On the morning of April 25th  1915, Mustafa Kemal (Atatürk) gave his order to the 57th Regiment, just before the regiment’s attack on the enemy approaching the Chunuk slope : “I do not order you to attack, I order you to die.  In the time which passes until we die, other troops can take our places and other commanders can master the situation”.  This order angered the soldiers, who continuously and relentlessly attacked the enemy under the persistent  and heavy fire of the naval artillery and forced the enemy back to Courage Hill (The Nek)

Transcribed & translated from panel nr 2 of the “Soldiers Memorial"

Again, enemy forces in the Ariburnu sector, which were strengthened by reinforcements, began to attack Chunuk Bair on the 6th August 1915.  At the end of the bloody battles, which continued uninterrupted, day & night, both sides suffered heavy casualities.  Turkish soldiers stopped the enemy 25 metres from the line of hills around Chunuk Bair on the evening of the 9th August 1915.

Transcribed and translated  from panel nr 3 of the "Soldiers Memorial"

thick fire of the enemy’s naval artillery, Colonel Mustafa Kemal, Commander of the Anafarta Group, did not leave the observation point even for a minute.  His life was saved by his watch in his breast pocket which was shattered by a piece of shrapnel.  And so, at the end of this attack, the enemy was thrown back as far as Aghyl Dere.

Transcribed & translated from panel nr 4 of the “Soldiers Memorial"

The aim of the continuous attacks by enemy forces was to capture Chunuk Bair, which was the most important area and the peak of the Gallipoli Peninsula.  The enemy forces tried to divide the Turkish forces into two and so conquer the Dardanelles, this however was unsuccessful due to the couregeous defence operation and zeal of the heroic Turkish soldiers.  During the battles fought in this sector, the Turkish Army suffered 9,200 casualtities and the enemy 12,000.

Transcribed & translated from panel nr 5 of the “Soldiers Memorial"

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The Turkish counter-attack, due to the narrowness of the land between the trenches of the two sides, began as a bayonet charge on the morning of the  10th of August 1915. During the battles of Chunuk Bair, which became hellish under the

 6th August : the start of the Suvla Landings
















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