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A detail of the Scimitar Hill memorial

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The inscriptions (translated) on the panels at the Scimitar Hill Memorial read as  follows:

 The Scimitar Hill momument


Panel 2
At the end of the first battle of Anafarta, on the  12th. of August 1915, Turkish forces under the command of Colonel Mustafa Kemal, commander of the Anafarta group, defeated the enemy forces and drove them back to the line of Kireçtepe and Mestantepe (Chocolate & Green Hills)


Panel 3
At the end of the second battle of Anafarta, ( August 21st. and  22nd. 1915), which was fought by large forces on both sides, the enemy’s assault strength was broken on the line of Sivritepe (Sharp Hill) and Mestantepe.  This battle resulted in Turkish casualties of 8,155 and enemy casualties of 19,850.


This point, the centre of the Turkish 12th Division's front, was crucial in the struggle to control the Anafartalar (Suvla) sector during the campaign.
Throughout August, British troops repeatedly sought to push on and beyond this point, although they briefly managed to capture the hill on August 8, August 9 and August 21, it was retaken every time due to the determined resistance of Colonel Mustafa Kemal and the counterattacks of the Turkish soldiers under his command.  The British attack on Scimitar Hill and İsmailoğlutepe (Son of İsmail Hill) on August 21, utilising a force of three brigades and one full division, a total of 30.000 troops, was the single greatest action of the Gallipoli Campaign at a single point.  At the end of this great battle, during which the British suffered 5300 casualities and the Turkish side 2600, the Turks still held the two hills.

"Gallipoli Battlefield Guide", (Istanbul 2006), Gürsel Göncü & Şahin Aldoğan, p. 133


The Scimitar Hill Memorial with the Suvla lake in the back












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Panel 1
The enemy forces who landed at Anafarta Port (Suvla) on the 7th. of  August 1915, faced weak reconnaissance units and went as far as the Ismailoglu and Yusufçuk Hills (W Hills & Scimitar Hill) in order to surround the Turkish forces on the Ariburnu (Anzac) front.



Scimitar Hill became a Golgotha, and its name a synonym for massacre.

“The Suvla Bay Landing” (
London, 1964), John Hargrave, p. 160